Mixed Ornamental Willow


A selection of ornamental willows ideal for winter colour, wildlife, basketry, floristry and craft.

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A specially selected mix of Ornamental Willow Cuttings –  25cm long hardwood cuttings ready for potting/planting.

There will be a mixture of varieties that are especially desirable for their ornamental value – vibrant/unusual colours, textures, and beautiful buds and catkins. The varieties will be freshly cut and labelled.

These are so easy to plant and grow – they just need to be inserted into pots of soil or straight into the ground where they are to grow. Being dormant they will sit waiting for the soil to warm and then in the spring they will take root and begin to shoot.

Willows are quick growing, most of these varieties will grow about 6-9ft in a year, it should be pruned regularly over the years to be kept as multi stemmed shrubs. Cutting regularly gives the brightest vibrant colours and great winter interest. If left to grow over some years the willow will branch and become a small tree. The stems can be cut regularly too for floristry and craft material – beautiful as wreaths and interior decorations.

Many of these willows be grown just as wildlife friendly shrubs too, their interesting buds and catkins providing early nectar for pollinators. Many moth catapiller speciecs rely on willows leaves too.

Willows are very tolerant of many soil and growing conditions, but will thrive in moist and sunny sites.

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