Alpine Strawberry


Fragaria vesca alpina – ‘Wild’ ‘Woodland’ strawberry

Sweet, small, tasty, groundcover!

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Alpine Strawberry – Fragaria vesca alpina – ‘Wild’ ‘Woodland’ strawberry – so tasty!

An attractive and multi use perennial herb for the garden.
A low growing wild type strawberry plant, which makes an excellant ground cover plant, or for growing in planters and baskets where it can trail over. Quick growing and spereading attractive leaved plant with sweet small white flowers all through the season into autumn. It is so easy going and easy to grow, happy in most soils as long as it has water, and even happy in shade.
  • Super sweet mini strawberry fruits from May onwards – children find these really fun to find and eat!
  • Traditional medicinal properties and uses of strawberry fruit and leaves in herbalism. Said to be a great cleanser.

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